Whit's Picks: Whitney's Favorite Beaded by W Accessories

Whitney: I love every single accessory we put up on the website—there is nothing we create that I wouldn't wear myself! That being said, I definitely do have my go-tos! While they may change slightly from season to season as new products arrive, there's five that, since their conception, has remained in heavy rotation with me:
I love these earrings and if you ask my friends, they'll tell you that I have worn them ALL summer. I like to wear a lot of neutral clothing, usually black or white, so these are the perfect in-between while also being a playful design (not to mention that being blonde, the black pom pom earrings are a bit too harsh for my hair color, while the white are too light). Funny story—these are SO light that I have accidentally gone into a workout class still wearing them because I forgot I had them on!
I have said this time and again—this is one of Beaded by W’s most underrated products. It’s one of our original designs, and probably the third thing I ever tried making. I actually still wear one of my original wrap bracelets everyday and it's almost four years old! When designing it, I thought about how I always loved wearing bracelet stacks, but would always end up losing the individual bracelets—why not make one big wrap bracelet in five different colors to mimic the look of five different bracelets? Not only is it great for layering, but it's a product I will always, always, always be loyal to.
This is my favorite summer car tassel because it always makes me happy when I get into my car—so colorful and fun. My friends always know which car is mine because of it! I love seeing other cars around town with car tassels (it NEVER gets old) and feeling like we're in some fun tassel club together.
My favorite part about the mini tassel earrings is that you can really wear them with anything (and as I'm typing this, I'm wearing them now with a tank top and leggings). They're my go-to for casual and dressy outfits alike, adding a tiny bit of statement-making fun.
Who's surprised about my neutral trend? Not even sorry about it! This necklace-bracelet combo can be worn with just about everything in my closet—I've worn it as a wrap bracelet, long necklace, knotted necklace... Whatever I'm wearing, there's a way to vibe with our Ventura wrap.

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