Whitney's 21st Birthday

Your 21st birthday is a big deal, so I knew I wanted to go all-out—which for me, meant inviting 12 of my closest friends to a beautiful dinner at Mattie’s at Green Pastures (Austinites, if you haven’t been, you need to). The restaurant was converted from a house and decorated to emulate old New Orleans. Between the killer aesthetic and incredible biscuits, the venue was a no-brainer. While there, we were able to play games, listen to music, and really bond with each other, which was so fun because I know my friends from all over the place!

Of course, I had to get dressed up and knew that this jumpsuit from Beehive Boutique in Austin, combined with mules from Forever 21 and our tassel earrings that match exactly, was the way to go. I’m all for new color combos, and the orange and blue really looked great together.

For fun occasions like these, I really do recommend the tassel earrings because they play with the vibe of the event! Not only do they stand out, but you don’t even need any other jewelry. When deciding on the length, my tip is to consider how long your hair is—for longer hair, go with the regular tassel earrings, and for shorter hair, the minis are the way to go.

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