Queen of California

When we're looking for a world where anything goes, we go to California.

It's a place where the sun doesn't beat down on you. The wind doesn't push you around. The poppies stay vibrant all season long. Through the cliffs, beaches, and mountains, everything is ruled by the Queen of California. Life is good.

She's a girl unlike anyone you've met before. When the wind tangles her hair, it only looks better. Her outfit easily transitions from the beach to a party. No matter the color, texture, or pattern, she knows how to make it work—and usually ends up on at least one street style Instagram. Trends don't matter and she doesn't even know that usually, she's the one who starts them.

The Queen of California isn't all looks, though. One conversation and you'll end up wondering if you've actually known her your whole life. She's informally adopted all the stray dogs in her neighborhood and secretly geeks out over drive-in movie theaters (and if they're playing Hitchcock, even better).

Sometimes people ask her if she'll ever leave her golden state, but she just purses her lips, smiles, looks them straight in the eye, and shakes her head. Why would she? Some may call her a romantic but it's a place that doesn't need to be idealized because it's already got it all, just like the Queen of California.

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