My Top 8 Favorite Coffee Shops in Austin


Austin without coffee shops is like Beaded by W without tassels—it just doesn't exist. Being an entrepreneur and student, I love any excuse to schedule a work meeting or study session outside my usual environments for a little inspiration, and the coffee shops around here provide just that. In no particular order, here's my top eight favorite coffee shops in Austin: 

Pacha Organic Café

If you're looking for great food that goes beyond the coffee shop usuals, Pacha is the way to go. Because this cafe is literally in a house, the vibe is so homey. A huge bonus? They give out the biggest cups of coffee.

Houndstooth Coffee

With one shop downtown and another up north, you have your pick of convenient locations. The coffee is good and lots of young people work there, which makes for a fun vibe.

Mañana Coffee, Juice & Bakeshop

The atmosphere here is unmatched. Between the natural light, high ceilings, and simple menu, Mañana is a South Congress staple.

Epoch Coffee

Since Epoch is open 24/7, this is one of my favorite places for late night studying (and judging by the crowd, most college kids agree). When I need a break, I walk over to the record shop nearby.

Mozart's Coffee Roasters & Bakery

There's nothing better than sitting out on Lake Austin listening to live music late at night. The food is good, the lattes are amazing, and their annual holiday light show is one of my favorite Austin traditions. As a bonus, there's so much parking, you'll never have to worry about not getting a spot.

Bennu Coffee

If you're looking for a UT student who's gone MIA, they're probably cozied up on one of the comfy couches in Bennu. The coffee is fair trade, it's open 24/7, and there's parking—what's not to love?


If I had to recommend anywhere, it'd definitely be Cenote. It's colorful (great for your Insta), they serve real food, and the surround East Austin area isn't so bad either. The best news is that in addition to their usual coffee, they also serve wine. #score

Austin Java

It comes as no surprise to locals that I consider Austin Java to be one of our city's classics. There's a lot of different locations but my favorite is Barton Springs—I used to live right behind it and would walk over whenever a craving hit.



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