Inspired Color Palettes for Summer

Ever since I was little, I've been attracted to color. Literally anything bright would catch my eye and I would just be drawn to it. As I got older, I started to notice that when I noticed things—whether it was art, flowers, road signs, etc.—I more specifically saw the color combinations.

Having this kind of mindset has helped me a lot as a jewelry designer. When coming up with a new line for Beaded by W, one of my favorite things to do is experiment with different color combinations—and you can definitely tell!

This week, I wanted to take y'all into my head and see the process from colors to actual jewelry. While not every line begins with a Pinterest-inspired digital collage, I will say that collages in general help me organize my ideas and bring more colors together (as a bonus, it's also just a relaxing and creative activity!). 

This is how it all starts: snapshots. Whether they occur in real life or via images found online, I start finding connections between what I'm seeing and start to pinpoint certain colors or vibes that complement each other.

From there, I'm able to boil down my inspiration into just colors and then color combinations. What you see above are colors prominent in past collages and collections. Some of these make a lot of sense, but others aren't as expected. It's all part of the fun!

Maxson Car Tassel

Here's one example of how we take an image, boil it down to just colors, and create a product equally as beautiful. We were even able to keep the vertical lines by creating a mixed tassel imitating the architectural details of the window behind Kendall.

Newport Multi Necklace

One of our favorite designs to ever come out of Beaded by W! You can really see the connection here, and it was a lot of fun because who knew so many colors could work in tandem on one necklace? That's what's so fun about what we're doing here—taking what is usually too much and inaccessible, and turning into fun pieces you're proud to show off. Playing with color can sometimes feel like a risk but to us, it's just ingrained into our everyday mindset.

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