Inspiration for Our Fall 2017 Line: Evolution

Our fall collection has been a work in progress since May, and time and again, I found myself inspired by incredible women. The thing is, incredible women have inspired and guided me my entire life—as I've evolved in life, these women have been timeless examples of who I want to be. It was about time to create a collection dedicated to them, right?
I also looked at some of my favorite brands, like Diane von Furstenberg, Oscar de la Renta, and Gucci. I can't get enough of how they work with color, whether it be expected pairs in unexpected ways or totally new combinations made to wow. No matter how they've evolved as brands, their core DNA has been constants.
Below is an insider look at where my inspiration has come from, from brands to women. This collection is different than anything I've ever done—you see new silhouettes and crazy colors designed for the daring. A lot has changed since I started Beaded by W as a high schooler in 2014, and this collection certainly reflects that. Welcome to the Evolution.
This necklace was inspired by fashion icon Iris Apfel. Iris has done many amazing things for the interior design (my second love!) and fashion communities by simply being herself. When I was little, I wore glasses and hated them because of the nerd stereotype—that was, until I saw a picture of Iris in her iconic oversized glasses. She wore them with such confidence, which helped me build my own. As I grew older, I began to see the value in her overall style and ability to layer. You can see how the picture of Iris on the left inspired a muted but statement-making palette of silver and gray in her namesake's necklace.
Selena. An inspiration to all, but certainly an icon to us Texans. When I was little, I loved listening to her music while in the car with my family. She is recognized for being one of the most influential Latin artists of all time, and for good reason—man, could this woman sing! Her life ended too soon, but she will always be remembered for her crystal clear vocal chords and simple-yet-sparkling style, which is what we wanted to convey in our newest choker.
Erykah Badu is another singer from Texas—can you tell that music is important to me? No matter what I do, it's always playing and stimulating my brain. A friend showed my Erykah's music a few years ago and I've been hooked ever since. While designing this collection, Erykah was playing nonstop. Her style is unique both in her music and fashion, and I love her ability to take a piece you'd normally never look twice at and turn it into an amazing statement. We think the Erykah would look amazing layered with other necklaces and a bold print, just like in the picture to the left.
Who remembers America's Next Top Model? Do you remember when Twiggy was a judge? My sisters and I watched it all the time, and I thought Twiggy was so funny. One thing led to another and I ended up on Google learning all about how she changed the modeling game in the 60s—especially with those eyelashes. We wanted to emulate some of the incredible mood Twiggy did in our photo to the right, and loved how it paid tribute to her in a modern and youthful way.
This necklace is actually named after my mom, Sabrina, who inspires me everyday. She raised me to be independent and do anything I set my mind to, even run a business. One of her favorite things to do is come to our office and try on her favorite new pieces, and when she couldn't get enough of this triple wrap, we knew it had to be named after her. The color scheme, however, is all courtesy of Oscar de la Renta—if you don't follow them on social media, you should, because I couldn't get enough of their Instagram on the left.
This necklace was inspired by fashion designer Vera Wang. What I love about Vera, and what has made her so iconic, is that her designs have a timeless look that have been able to be interpreted in new ways year after year. You always know when you're looking at a Vera because it's classic yet true to the style at her time. I love her dynamic simplicity and wanted to create a necklace that mirrored that.

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