How to Style the Ventura

When you're investing in a piece of jewelry, you want to know that you'll wear it—and when it can be styled four different ways, you definitely will. That's what we love about the Ventura, our most versatile piece yet. Even better? It's a perfect layering piece.

Check out the pictures below to see us style the Ventura into three different necklaces and even a bracelet:

The easiest way to style the Ventura is by wrapping it around your neck once. This adds a horizontal aspect to your look while still providing maximum eye-drawing length.

If you're looking to add a little bit more dimension to the Ventura, simply knot the two sides and allow the ends to hang loose.

If having something around your neck chokes you or you're just looking for even more length (we don't blame you), unwrap the Ventura and knot like we showed you above.

And finally, if necklaces aren't really your thing, we love tying the Ventura around our wrists for a chunky, layered statement.

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