How to Style Double Wraps

Double wraps: They add just enough of a statement to your outfit while still remaining simple. What we love about ours in particular is just how light they are—you can thank the wood beads for that! Even though they're being wrapped around your neck (in some cases—they can be styled a couple different ways), you don't get that choking feeling, which is a necessity in our book.

We wanted to show you how to style this wardrobe must-have today and show you just why we love them so much:

Here, you see how easy it is to dress our Coachella double wrap up or down! It brings so much to a simple outfit, and looks killer with our candy apple red mini tassel earrings too. What can we say? The only thing better than Beaded by W is more Beaded by W.

The Webster is one of our tried-and-true bestsellers, and it's easy to see why: it's neutral, but so much dimension is added thanks to the combination of wood and glass beads. We're all about texture here at Beaded by W, and you definitely get that with this simple necklace.

Here we see the statement-making power of layering with our yellow Coachella double wrap and Ventura wrap. So much dimension! And notice that our double wrap isn't actually wrapped here—it hangs loose. That extra length adds a super fun dramatic flair, and the color? Gorgeous.

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