How to Find a Girl Squad Who Gets It

It’s the question everyone is trying to find the answer to: How do we find those all in, never-gonna-get-old, forever and ever group of friends in all the movies? That special female bond is hard to find but absolutely sacred once you do. Because we know the goodness waiting for me at the end of our search, it can be easy to throw ourselves at everyone, trying to be everything to them in the hopes that they’ll be everything to us too. Because we know the struggle is real, we curated our five best tips for how to find a girl squad who gets it:

Take Advantage of Bumble

We gotta hand it to fellow Austin entrepreneur Whitney Wolfe for her app, Bumble. Not only can you swipe right on people you’re interested in dating, but you can also unlock the BFF portion and be introduced to new friends in your area without ever leaving your bed. #win

Pursue Your Passions

If you want to find someone who gets it, it helps to actually be doing what we love. Part of the reason why everyone loves each other so much at Beaded by W HQ? We all geek out over branding, retail, and bloggers—most people don’t (and we just don’t get why).

Be Authentic and Vulnerable

The best advice we can give you when searching for a girl squad who gets it is to just come as you are. People respond to what you’re putting out and if you’re only acting how you think you should, you won’t attract the people who will love you for you.

Give What You Get

Obviously, you can’t sit there raking in the benefits of a girl squad without giving some of it back. We’re not sitting here telling you to give and give and give, but in order to build an awesome friendship, it has to be mutually beneficial.

Remember That Vibes Follow Vibes

If you want to go to brunch just to complain about break ups or not getting into your top college, that negativity is going to spread and you’re never going to be able to escape it. You don’t have to hide your frustrations of course, but do be careful of the vibes you put out on a regular basis.

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