How to Deal With Stress

Stress. It's one of those inevitable things that for some reason, always feels so difficult to manage. One minute, you're doing fine and the next... Well, the world must be ending because there's no other reason you should have so much going on. It takes a toll on you emotionally and physically. As students who also run a business, stress is nothing new to us, and we've found a few ways to deal that actually help:
Make a Master List
Grab a pen and paper, and start word vomiting. Think of every single thing you have to do and make sure it's written down. After that, you'll want to reorganize the list and prioritize it all, seeing what needs to be done when.
Take One Thing Off Your List
You might not think you can do it, but you can. Pick one thing—anything—and cross it off your list early. You just don't need to do it right now! It's that easy. And trust us, you'll feel better.
Give Yourself Something to Look Forward to
Okay, so you know how we just said to take something off your list? It's because you need to make time to do something for yourself. It may seem impossible to justify that but we think it's just the destresser you need.
Create a Coping Mechanism
Some people take deep breaths. Others have a special playlist. It doesn't matter what you do to cope as long as you have a proven go-to that will help you out when things get particularly overwhelming.
Remember, It's Not Forever
This stress you have is going to pass. You'll get the things done you need to. You'll wake up in the morning and the sun is going to shine and you'll still be here. The only way you can get past this is to get through it, which you will.

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