How to Balance Working and Going to School Simultaneously

Little known fact: Every single person at Beaded by W is also a student, whether that means high school or college. It's part of our magic because we're selling to girls just like us! We know what they want because we want the same things. The downfall? Being students, there's a lot to balance (don't even get us started on the dreaded combination of holiday and finals season...). Over the past few years, we've developed some tips and tricks for balancing two completely different workloads without losing our minds.

Create a Master Calendar

As soon as you get your schedule this semester, create a master calendar of every single thing you have to do in your personal, professional, and academic lives. That way, you know exactly what you're up against this semester and aren't stuck pulling an all-nighter because you forgot your essay was due the same weekend as the music festival.

Take an Hour Every Day

No matter how busy things get, you have to take an hour every day for yourself. This looks different to different people—maybe your commute features your favorite podcast or you take 15 minute breaks throughout the day to finish a new Game of Thrones episode. It doesn't matter how you delegate that hour as long as you take it for you and only you.

Pick One Day a Week for Others

It's easy to isolate yourself and claim that you're just too busy to do anything, but you're just going to end up lonely and with a serious case of FOMO. That's why you have to consciously make time for others in your life—not just time to relax, but time to actually be with people who energize you.

Be Kind to Your Future Self

You know when you're laying in bed with a massive to-do list but all you want to do is binge your favorite season of American Horror Story? Yeah, don't do that. When you're kind to your future self, you think beyond the present to set yourself up for long-term success (and avoid the inevitable breakdown that follows procrastination).

Take One Thing Off Your List

Chances are, you're feeling like you have too much going on right now. Whether it means asking a friend for help or stepping away from a commitment that's taking too much out of you, the weight off your shoulders that comes with having one less thing to worry about will be invaluable to your schedule and stress levels. 

Remember Why You Started

When the overwhelming times happen, you have to remember that there's a reason why you're doing what you're doing. Simultaneously working and going to school means you're doing what you need to now to do what you want later. Hang in there! We believe in you.

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