Everything We Love About Football Season (and What to Wear for It)

They say that fall means football in Texas, and we sure are grateful for that. While there are few things we'd wake up early on a Saturday morning for, game day is definitely one of them. From corn dogs to cute outfits, here's everything we're psyched for this season:

It's Something to Look Forward to

When there isn't anything else going on in life, you can always count on football to keep you occupied all weekend long. And let's be honest—we can't say we haven't cancelled plans to watch a game from time to time.

One Word: Tailgating

Some people don't get why you'd show up hours early for a game, but when it comes to football, it's just what you do. The best part? There's always someone willing to share their game day snacks.

The Sense of Community

It doesn't matter who you're standing next to in the stands—they are, for the entirety of the game, your best friend. Not only will they watch your drink when you go to the bathroom during halftime, but they also have the funniest insults for the players.

Corn Dogs and Cold Beer

I mean... Do we really have to go into detail? This meal may not be too good for your body, but it really has a way of nourishing the soul.

BFF Visits

When there's a big game coming up and your best friend's school is your team's rival, you have the perfect excuse to sneak in a visit (and secretly hope they'll be crushed by the end of the game, even though it is just a game).

Cute Gameday Outfits (Duh)

Why else do we do anything in life? Our gameday looks feature layered necklaces, statement earrings, dresses in our school hues, and cowboy boots (this is Texas, after all). These are the pieces we'll be rocking all season:

Medium Tassel Earrings in Brick Red Ombre

Sabrina Triple Wrap Choker in Burnt Orange

Erykah Double Wrap Necklace in Fool's Gold

Stevie Loop Earrings in Hunter Green

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