DIY Pom Pom Sandals

Pom poms have been steadily coming back into style as a fun summer statement and we're definitely not complaining (I mean, have you seen our new products). Because we love them so much, we knew we had to figure out how to wear them from literally head to toe. Enter our new favorite DIY: pom pom sandals! Even better news? This DIY is so easy that there's only as many steps as supplies, and the Michael's run will take longer than the actual assembly.


Plain Sandals

Fabric Fusion Glue

Pom Poms


First and foremost, you need to gather up your supplies! We picked up our sandals from Forever 21 for a bargain of $14 and the rest can be found at any craft store (we're loyal to Michael's). We used Fabric Fusion Glue instead of a hot glue gun because we feel that when it comes to a material like pom poms, it doesn't give you the long-term adhesion you need for something you'll be wearing on a regular basis.

If you're into patterns, make sure you pick it and lay the pom poms out before you start because once you start gluing, there's minimal time to change your mind before it's stuck. We considered doing a row of pom poms or alternating between different colors, but decided to start gluing them on at random and love the way they turned out!

Now it's time to start pomming! Make sure you have juuuuust the right amount of glue—too much and it won't dry, not enough and it won't stick. Like we said before, you have minimal time between putting the poms on and glue drying, so make sure you love it. That being said, once you're done, make sure to let the glue dry overnight before wearing your new summer go-tos.

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