7 Movies and Shows to Get You in the Halloween Spirit

We've said it once and we'll say it again: Halloween is our absolute favorite holiday. We love all the prep that goes into this yearly celebration—especially when it comes to what we're watching. Here's our seven go-tos to make the season feel a little more spooky:

Hocus Pocus

Before SJP was Carrie Bradshaw she was... A Sanderson Sister? This absolute cult film takes place in Salem, features a talking cat, and is just as funny as it is spooky. P.S. Disney says a remake is in the works.

The Craft 
This scary movie is definitely scary. You'd think a film about a trio of teenage witches couldn't get freaky but trust us, it can. Worth watching if you don't mind supernatural horror!
Tim Burton. Alec Baldwin. Winona Ryder. Michael Keaton. An iconic cast for an iconic movie. If you haven't seen it yet... What are you waiting for?
The first in a ten-movie series (with another on the way), which is how you know it's good. This slasher film is appropriately named and just right for the season.
Stranger Things 
Are there any stranger things out there than Stranger Things? Sorry, we had to. We just can't get enough of the plot (Uh, hey, where's Barb...) or Millie Bobby Brown, of course.
American Horror Story
We can't get enough of this series on a normal day, so you can imagine how the creepy plots and characters vibe with us in October. 
Sabrina the Teenage Witch
This throwback gets us feeling some type of way... If you're not super into the Halloween thing, but just love a good walk down memory lane, getting together with Sabrina and the gang might be just the thing!
P.S. We have the perfect Halloween playlist pre-prepared for you on our Spotify. Take a listen?

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