5 Tips for Surviving Freshman Year of College

It's getting to be that time again... For some of you, that may mean somewhere entirely new and away from everything you know—freshman year of college. The truth is, that for as scary it is, it's also totally exciting and 100% what you make of it. As we reflect on our time as freshmen (complete with TBT pics from Whit), we have five key pieces of advice for those going off to college:

Fight Procrastination From the Beginning

You'll find that, especially at the beginning, you have a lot of free time to hang out with friends and binge on Netflix. It's going to be really easy to justify not taking time to study or do the "required" reading, but when it comes to midterms and finals, you'll regret not having that background knowledge or notes taken—trust us. We don't want to sound lame (or like your mom) buuuuuut we're a fan of building good habits! It just comes down to knowing what works for you and sticking to it.

Put Yourself Out There

Chances are, the friends you've made over the years have been with you since you were little or made through family connections. Now you have to try something totally new—just walking up to people and asking them to hang out! It may seem creepy, but here's the thing: Everyyyyyone is in the same situation so nooooo one is going to say no. Join the club, knock on the door, compliment the outfit. Just do it!

Leave High School in High School

We're not saying to forget about your high school life—far from it. But there comes a point when the high school drama doesn't matter anymore and the girls you were jealous of just aren't relevant to your life. Let it go and remember that you're in college now, life is busier, and you're probably never going to see them ever again if you don't want to.

Start Thinking About Post-Grad Life

You don't have to have it all figured out—really, you don't. You're 18. But you should remember that you're going to college for a reason, and it's important to start thinking about that. Some majors/career paths don't require as much planning as others, but if we can speak on behalf of the creative industries for a sec, fashion and marketing especially... If you know this is what you want to pursue, go all in, do it all, and don't waver. 

Remember: Whatever You're Feeling is Normal

Some people transition to college easily, while others feel a little lost. Guess what? Both feelings, and all the feelings in-between, are completely valid. You aren't alone! What matters now is what you do with how you feel. If you're feeling homesick, find ways to make college feel like home. If you're having trouble making friends, try joining some new organizations. And if you're totally #thriving already? Well, you're one of the lucky ones. Consider college hacked.

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