5 Things We're Loving This Week

Whew! This week has been long but thankfully, it's almost over. For as crazy as the past few days have been (we moved!), there's been so much excitement. Get a sneak peek into our week as we recap five things we are loving right now:

Sprinkles Cupcakes

Last weekend, we took a trip to one of Sprinkles' legendary ATMs and then this week, their team sent us some personalized cupcakes as a gift. How sweet, right ? (Couldn't resist.) Love our placemats (we use them to bead on) and want to snag some of your own? You can grab them at Target. Keychain is ours!

Daisy Natives

Daisy Natives, headed by our girl Sarah, is officially selling at Urban Outfitters! It is so fun when we see other Austin-based entrepreneurs succeed, because just as the pin says, girls support girls. Be sure to pick yours up soon because they'll go quick.

Gal About Town

We love Lynlee and are so glad the feeling is mutual. She's been rocking our tassel earrings allllllll over Insta—be sure to give her a follow because everything she posts is equally as chic.


Okay, so there hasn't been a new episode in a while, but we're still playing catch up in the office. If you were inspired by our trip to the Girlboss Rally (deets here), then you'll love these one-on-one conversations you can play over and over again.

Parks and Recreation

Everyone has that one show on Netflix that they just can't stop bingeing—Parks and Rec is that show for us. Any time you walk into the office, there's a 50% chance this is what's playing, helping us plot how to channel our inner Leslie Knope

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