5 Easy Ways to Give Back This Week





One thing is for certain: the world could always use a little more positivity. Who better to start a cycle of good than you? It doesn't have to be hard—and in fact is usually a lot easier than you'd think. Here's five super easy ways you can give back this week:

Real Talk with Someone

You will never, ever regret investing in a conversation with someone, and they will always remember you for it. Whether it be a quick text letting someone know you're thinking of them or an overdue catch up at brunch, you are guaranteed to make their day. 

Donate to a GoFundMe You Believe In

There are so. Many. GoFundMes. To donate to. The hard part is picking which ones you want to get involved in. It can be easy to scroll through your Facebook feed of ministry trips, startup fundings, and hospital fee donations, but our challenge to you? Pause. Click on one. If it speaks to your heart, just donate.

Sign Up to Volunteer Somewhere

Instead of taking your Saturday afternoon to re-binge on yet another Netflix show, consider giving that time to an animal shelter (puppy cuddles!) or local mentorship program. Maybe could even be time to build your resume, donating your photography or writing skills, to serve dual purpose.

Surprise Someone with Baked Goods

You know what they say—food is the way to the heart. It's impossible to not be psyched over a plate of muffins or cookies, and there's something so soothing about whipping something up in the kitchen. Bonus? You get to lick the spoon and snack on the leftovers.

Shop Somewhere That Gives Back

When you’re shopping somewhere like TOMS, Warby Parker, or The Giving Keys, this benefits you and someone else. Even better, you get to bring attention to those brands, which means the people around you will have an opportunity to learn and contribute as well. #WinWin

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