4 Fool-Proof Steps to Have the Best Galentine’s Day Ever

February 13th, Galentine’s Day, is considered by Leslie Knope to be the best day of the year and we totally get why. We love celebrating women here at Beaded by W (and consider ourselves experts at it), but this is one day out of the year where we get to take it to a whole ‘nother level. Here's our ultimate plan to give you your best Galentine's Day ever in four super easy steps:

Step One: Get the Girls Together

The most important part of Galentine’s Day is celebrating with your gals, of course. Gather all your favorites together—it doesn’t matter whether you are as long as you’re going there together. Our suggestions? A picnic in the park, night in, or glammed up get-together.

Step Two: Breakfast for Dinner (Preferably Waffles)

You can’t host a Leslie Knope-endorsed holiday without breakfast food—especially waffles, hopefully from JJ’s. You don’t have to pull a Leslie and go all out on your own, though. Potluck it and convince your best friend to make her famous French toast (and then send us the leftovers, plz).

Step Three: Pinterest it Up

Now is the time to do all those crafts you’ve been pinning since high school. Whether you succeed or fail at glittering the heck out of mason jars and DIY macrame wall hangings, the more important thing is that you’re collaborating and creating.

Step Four: All the Right Mov(i)es

After you’ve gorged yourself on JJ’s finest and the paint has dried on your Pinterest masterpiece, settle yourselves in for some legendary chick flicks. Our picks? Clueless for the impeccable 90s fashion, Steel Magnolias if you want to cry over the friendship of strong and sassy southern women, and Bridesmaids because Melissa McCarthy, duh.

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