20 Things Beaded by W is Thankful For

There’s no doubt about it—while amazing, the holidays are a stressful time for everyone. At Beaded by W HQ, they’ve been coming down on us hard. We are so grateful to be working a company we love with the best team ever, but it can get to be a lot between school, work, family, friends, and life in general. A couple weeks ago, after a full morning of mumbling and grumbling, we finally hit our limit. Our negative vibes were bringing down the office and that just wasn’t right. We decided that we would carve out time that day to change our attitude and write down 20 things each of us are thankful for… But it didn’t happen. Our plan kept getting pushed back until today.

Today, we finally sat down as a team to write down 20 things each of us are thankful for (with minimal peeking!) and wow, did it feel good. After all of us finished, we went around sharing our lists and reflecting on why we picked certain things. This exercise taught us a pretty important lesson—you can let your stress define you or you can flip it around, remembering why you do what you do and build up your gratitude.

“Remembering why I started Beaded by W was the most important thing I wrote down because I love reflecting on all of the wonderful things that have happened in the past two and a half years. It's both humbling and exciting.” - Whitney Woodard, Founder

"As a photographer, I constantly find myself entranced by lighting, whether that be sunlight though the trees, soft lighting of a cloudy day, the sunset, a sunrise, etc. So at concerts ,when colored lights wash over the crowd, I find myself looking at the pretty rainbow of people around me rather than the stage.” - Courtney Cope, Photographer

“Moving around so much, I’ve developed quite the collection of pocket people—that’s what my mom calls the people in our lives who stick with us for the long haul. My friends and family are part of everything I do, even when I’m at work (love you, Whit and Court!). It’s amazing to see how over the years, my family has grown into my best friends and my best friends have grown into my family.” - Quincy Bulin, Marketing and Communications

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