Current Obsession: Roasted Brussels Sprouts


I have been attempting to eat healthier lately, but have also never been a fan of green vegetables--a big part of a healthy diet. This changed when my friend introduced me to my current obsession: roasted brussels sprouts. The recipe is easy and healthy, and the clean up is basically nothing. If you follow us on Snapchat at @beadedbyw (hint: if you don't, you should), you saw me teach you how to make these on there, but I felt like I had to share the full instructions because they really are just that good!

- Olive Oil or vegetable oil (either works)
- Throw Away Foil Pan
- Salt
- Bag of Brussels Sprouts
- Large Plastic Bag
- Knife

1. Set oven to bake at 410 degrees.
2. Cut the ends off the brussels sprouts and get rid of any yellow leaves.
If the brussels sprouts are big, cut them in half for quicker and easier baking.
3. Put the brussels sprouts in the plastic bag and pour 5 tablespoons of olive oil into it. Add one teaspoon of salt (or more, if you like them saltier) and you can even add a pinch of pepper.
4. Zip the bag and shake it until all the brussels sprouts are evenly coated in salt and olive oil.
5. Pour the brussels sprouts into the foil pan.

6. Put them in the oven for 40-50 minutes or longer, depending on how roasted you want them. In my opinion, the darker they get, the better they are!
7. If you don't think they are crispy enough after 40 minutes, put them on a skillet and crisp them on the stove.
8. Enjoy!

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