10 Ways to Treat Yourself Today

There’s no way around it, some days just feel hard. It doesn’t have to stay that way though! When the going gets tough here around the office, the tough gets pushed aside for a little personal self-care. Here’s 10 super easy, low-commitment ways to make that happen:

Get Your Meditation On

Five minutes, total silence, and some deep breathing. Easy, right? Whether you’re a full-on yogi who can focus like it ain’t no thing or someone who can’t even sit still for a TED Talk, it can’t be denied that meditation works.

Plan Some Weekend Fun

Go ahead and give yourself something to look forward to this weekend. It can be hard to convince yourself to leave the house after a long week, but we promise you’ll feel so much better getting out and doing something.

Pet a Dog

Dogs. Make. Everything. Better. It’s just a fact.

Start a New Binge

Okay, don’t binge too hard, but sometimes a night in with some mindless TV. Our recs? The Mindy Project on Hulu, Jane the Virgin on Netflix, and Sex and the City on Amazon (duh).

Do Something Kind

Believe it or not, the easiest way to brighten your day is to invest in someone else’s. Whether it’s handing a homeless man a Chipotle gift card or sending a quick thank you email to a former teacher, you will never regret being kind.

Take a Bath

Everyone at Beaded by W loves a good bath—it’s just a thing. Some of us use it as an excuse to get some reading done, while others could soak in bath salts for hours.

Wash Your Sheets

Freshly. Washed. Sheets. Is there anything more soothing? Even better when you put them on right before bed and you get to fall asleep in lawyers of dryer warmth.

Finally Read That Book

We all have that one book we bought on a whim and swore we’d pick up when the time was right. Well, if you’re looking for a sign, this is it. The time is now. Start reading!

Say No to Something…

Bad days are usually a product of overwhelm, which is usually a product of having too much to do. Take something off your plate and feel the stress roll of your shoulders.

And Yes to Something Else.

You know that belly dancing class you’ve been thinking of taken but have been scared you won’t be good enough for? Just take it. Allow yourself to open your mind, experience new things, and deliberately pursue all the amazing things life wants to give us.

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